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17th August 2013

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Hey ladies! (Anyone with good fashion sense, really.) I’m piecing together an outfit to wear to my brother’s wedding, and am stumped on what color footwear I should aim for. Navy? Black? Two tone to go with the outfit? I’m usually good with this, but since I have blue in the outfit that tends to throw me off, especially when it’s not a dark blue. (Also, thinking of a cardigan in case of weather, as it’ll be outdoors in the mountains. Dun dun dun…the plot thickens.)

Update: Thanks y’all! I’m going to aim for blue or navy shoes…maybe with a hint of tan on them to go with the outfit (i.e. trim). And a cardigan in flipped colors, with tan dominant. That should pull it together.

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  1. peachsticks said: if you like bolder things, go for a contrasting shoe to the blue. the beige skirt will make it so it’s not too much colour in one outfit but it’ll also add some fun. if not, i’d say a similar blue/nude shoe - one tone, but that’s just my preference
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    Two tone would be very nice (bring a pattern into things). Since it’s outside, don’t go for spikey heels, stick with...
  3. justalilblondemama said: (Personal stylist through college) Navy. Pop of color on top and bottom is a good idea
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